At Bio D, as we learn of your values, we would also like you to learn who we are and what we believe in. This is why we would like to share with you our Guiding Entities. These are the beliefs we strive to follow on a daily basis and are the driving force behind the decisions we make at every point of our Symbiotic Circle of Business

– The 8300 proud Colombians working at Bio D

Propósito y realización


Boost renewable solutions to create a sustainable future.


The only way we will achieve Our Purpose is by always being true to our Symbiotic Circle of Business™.

We are 8300 Team Members

We will strive every day to ensure that our children and grandchildren will never find a better place to work.

Promise to All Our Customers

We understand and will always take seriously the fact that part of your reputation & wellbeing is also in our hands.


  • We are passionate about all our clients in our Symbiotic Circle of Business.
  • We do more with less.
  • We are always highly enthusiastic about our bio-renewable solutions.
  • Everyday, we protect the lives of those “around us”.