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A brief view on our Tocotrienols

A responsible, palm based advantage.

Our tocotrienols, and their derivatives, are made with our uncompromising commitment to our Symbiotic Circle of Business. They are also made with our daily efforts of striving to be a most conscientious and socially responsible company doing our part for a better world.

One of the most significant differences between Tocopherols and Tocotrienols is that Tocotrienols have 3 unsaturated carbons (double bonds) in their side chain. This is both unique and valuable as this configuration makes them more effective in penetrating cellular tissues in the liver and brain (1).


The most effective components of natural Vitamin E.

Without a doubt, they are truly amazing and in the current market, tocotrienols are fast overtaking the better known Vitamin E (tocopherols). After all, they possess stronger antioxidants and have immense beneficial health properties far superior to ones found in tocopherols.

Our Formula Unlike Any Other

The raw material used to obtain our Natural Vitamin E Mix (Tocotrienols 70%/Tocopherols 30%) in a greater than 30% concentration, comes primarily from our truly sustainable and responsible Colombian palm with it’s unique characteristics and rich phytonutrients cultivated under our Best Agricultural Practices and our philosophy being lived every day; a philosophy stating that Above All, Everyone Must Benefit.

Reliability, Consistent Quality, & Trustworthiness.

How well do you know the benefits of our Tocotrienols?

The health benefits derived from the intake of tocotrienols in our diet is a tremendous opportunity for global R&D initiatives to create potential applications for the overall wellness market.

It is a fact…

Vitamin E cannot be produced in humans and animals,and therefore, must be obtained from the diet. Recent studies have shown that tocotrienols from natural sources are responsible for certain specific properties necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies and to prevent various diseases.