Our Philosophy Drove Us to Evolve. And Now, Our Evolution Brings You Something Truly Extraordinary

After two years, we did it!
We researched, tested, learned, and delivered!
That is how Premium Gold was born.

It all started with a drive that was propelled by our philosophy; a philosophy rooted in our uncompromising belief that
Above All, Everyone Must Benefit.

While our past biodiesels like Premium & Premium 360 served the Colombian and international markets incredibly well, we thought we should and could improve them.

And that is why we strived to create just ONE biodiesel that all of Colombia, and the global markets, could benefit from.
Just ONE….One with undeniable benefits.

Today, with our new Premium Gold you will have:

One Biodiesel. One Price.
One Incomparable Quality.

Here are just 3, of the 24 benefits Premium Gold will deliver for the same price:

Reliable Supply & Inventory
Our production capacity was expanded with a multi-million investment to ensure our production is only Premium Gold.

Truly Consistent
Even when traveling through cold climates during transportation, our Premium Gold biodiesel will not generate any solids.

Time for other things
Premium Gold takes less than 150 seconds to filtrate. (With an average of 120 seconds! The standard norm permits up to 360 seconds)

We hope you appreciate the other 21 reasons WHY Premium Gold will change your business.

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