Clearly transparent and 100% BioD owned:

Members of the TFA2020 COLOMBIA, Commitment to Zero Deforestation and RSPO Certified.

Check our progress at www.rspo.org

At Bio D, we believe true sustainability is a significant component of being a responsible company.

And what is true sustainability? True sustainability means that because we own every link in our supply chain, we are able to ensure those links are managed in a way that reflects our corporate values. As a result, transparency has never been clearer.

Above All, Everyone Must Benefit.™

We invite you to learn about the stages in out supply chain of true sustainability & hope you will appreciate a few of the responsible initiatives in each one of them.

Our transparency and commitment guide us to foster the eradication of
human trafficking risks and slavery in the supply chain.
Click to learn about The California Transperency In Supply Chains

Check our progress at www.rspo.org

Do you know why Was The RSPO Created?
To attempt and STOP the irresponsible practices of palm oil producers who are:

  1. Destroying valuable primary forests
  2. Displacing communities and negatively affecting them
  3. Devastating wildlife, habitat, and biodiversity
  4. Offering poor safety measures for employees
  5. Engaging in irresponsible labor practices
  6. Creating enormous fires that contaminate the atmosphere
  7. Polluting the soils and water supplies in their regions.

It’s simple to be transparent when what you believe in, is actually what you do.

Excellent results, reports, and technical support. As always, thank you very much for your expected support.

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