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Have you ever purchased a product that helped preserve cultural dances and traditional customs in a small Andean town?

Did you ever feel your purchase would help create a Marathon raising awareness for the abuse of women?

Did you ever think a responsible, bio renewable solution would provide protection for anteaters from their predators?

Ever wonder how it would feel knowing your purchase is helping children become better leaders?

At Bio D, our quality-driven and dependable products are not only ensuring that you offer a better and more responsible product to your clients, but your purchase will also ensure so many others will benefit.

“I want to always make sure that our clients know they will not be the only ones benefiting when they purchase our products. Their trust in our quality, dependability, and on-time deliveries will ensure so many others benefit. In my opinion, it is the only responsible way to conduct business.”

Catalina Cabrera
Global Sales Director

Bio D Premium 360
Incomparable benefits:

  • The only biodiesel of its kind in Colombia
  • Complies with the US standards for Biodiesel ASTM D6751; including the filtering process of Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT)
  • Maintains its stability even in the coldest weather
  • Has a humidity factor less than 250 ppm
  • Will not create residual matter
  • It prevents microbiological contamination

Bio D Glicerol

Our Glycerol Bio D comes from the transformation of palm oil into biodiesel. It is used as an energy supplement for animals in production, has a caloric value similar to corn with high digestibility. The inclusion of glycerol in animals’ diets has been reviewed scientifically worldwide with satisfactory results mainly in the reduction of production costs and in the efficiency of some production parameters. And remember that our products in BIO D always have more than one purpose.

Methyl Palmitate

  • Our methyl Palmitate is used successfully for its proven surfactant power.
  • It is a wonderful raw material for the creation of cleaning products, as it replaces fossil compounds with 100% biodegradable raw materials of plant origin.
  • Its low water content facilitates storage and reduces the risk of microbiological contamination.

Bio D obtained its integral production certification three years ago. Year after year, it is evaluated by third parties that confirm our continuous improvement and excellence.

“We are proud of our integral management certifications because they help us deliver a standardized, traceable product every day with best quality attributes and without any workplace damage to the environment.”

Check our progress at www.rspo.org

Excellent results, reports, and technical support. As always, thank you very much for your expected support.

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