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“I want to always make sure that our clients know they will not be the only ones benefiting when they purchase our products. Their trust in our quality, dependability, and on-time deliveries will ensure so many others benefit. In my opinion, it is the only responsible way to conduct business.”

Catalina Cabrera
Global Sales Director


Our clean fuel from sustainable palm oil can be mixed with Diesel of fossil origin in different proportions, our quality meets the highest international standard.

Bio D Glicerol

Our Glycerol Bio D comes from the transformation of palm oil into biodiesel. It is used as an energy supplement for animals in production, has a caloric value similar to corn with high digestibility. The inclusion of glycerol in animals’ diets has been reviewed scientifically worldwide with satisfactory results mainly in the reduction of production costs and in the efficiency of some production parameters. And remember that our products in BIO D always have more than one purpose.

Global Bespoke Program

Discover our Global Bespoke Program where we create responsible, custom and tailor-made biosolutions according to your exclusive requirements, designs, and markets.

For Above All, Everyone Must Benefit…and not everyone requires the same responsible biosolutions for their unique visions.

Bio Mepa

  • Our methyl Palmitate is used successfully for its proven surfactant power.
  • It is a wonderful raw material for the creation of cleaning products, as it replaces fossil compounds with 100% biodegradable raw materials of plant origin.
  • Its low water content facilitates storage and reduces the risk of microbiological contamination.

Our global certifications not only validate that we are conducting operations in the most responsible and conscientious way.  They are also a source of pride for all of us because they reflect our daily drive to live our philosophy; Above All, Everyone Must Benefit.

Bio D S.A. Usuario Operador de Zona Franca has an ONAC accreditation, current to date, with accreditation code 12-LAB-025, under the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard with scope for the Biodiesel matrix in 13 tests. For detailed information, consult by clicking here.


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