Welcome to our beautiful & quaint town of Facatativá!

The name Facatativá comes from the indigenous Chibcha language that was spoken by the Muisca people. They lived in this area before the Spanish conquest many years ago.

Located about 18 miles northwest of Bogota, Facatativá is a known for many things such as friendly people, great foods, wonderful architecture, and its archaeological park called Piedras del Tunjo (Rocks of the Tunjo Indian). But if you are a local, you’ll pronounce it Rocks of Tunja. It features the unique large rock formations that were once the bottom of a lake.

When you visit us, we will not only be discussing business where everyone must benefit, but we will also take you on a cultural tour, savor the succulent foods, and introduce you to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. That is why we would like to facilitate your visit with our program called:


Learn of the extraordinary benefits our program will offer you and be ready to not only discuss good business but to learn of the cultural richness of Facatativá. A town we call home.