“The reason we have been able to achieve long-term relationships, is because for over a decade, we have been living daily the values of who we are.”

Tito Salcedo
Chief Executive Officer Bio D

Responsible Bio Renewable Solutions from Colombia’s Leading Palm Oil Company

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to Bio D. Over 10 years ago, we were created by 13 visionary Colombian companies who have dedicated themselves to transforming how people view and benefit from truly sustainable palm oil.

Today, with 17 committed stakeholders and full ownership of our supply chain, we are producing some of the highest quality and most responsible bio-renewable solutions in the world. By living our Symbiotic Circle of Business™ each and every day, we are able to show you who we are and what we believe. Our Symbiotic Circle of Business has also been the reason why our clients have enjoyed our dependability for so long.

As we continue to grow, all of us at Bio D are encouraged to know that because of who we are and what we value, our future looks bright. The only way we will sustain our success as a global organization is by continuing to be a responsible Colombian company.

Congratulations. Without a doubt, you are leaders in the industry. It is a source of pride to have you as a supplier.

– Another satisfied customer

Latest development at Bio D

You always run for others. That is why this time, we will run for you! We invite you to our 5th RACE FOR WOMEN; where on September 30th, we’ll  raise awareness in Facatativa in order to eradicate the verbal, physical, and psychological abuse towards women. Info @ +57 315 497 5439.

Did you know?

Did you know? Our state of the art production plant produces over 34MM gallons of responsible biodiesel per year and has received numerous ISO certifications.

Another Beneficiary in Our Symbiotic Circle of Business™

Meet the Agouti. He lives in the Colombian countryside and mates for life. Fun fact: they have five front toes but only three hind toes. Learn what we are doing to help him.


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